San Francisco based installation artist

As a young person, I had an almost mathematical interest in spatial relationships and was convinced that architecture was going to be my area of work. A little later in life, I came to the realization that the arts added layers of communication, sensibility, and philosophy. From then on, art became my true devotion. I have explored painting, sculpture, photography and video, but the area that has become most important to me, in the past decade, is site-specific installation, which refers back to my early interests in “space”.

When initiating a piece, I work in close co-relation with the site, taking into account the existing structures, historical conditions and/or social contexts of the space, using them as not only references but also subject matters for the piece. With the gathered elements, I often place an illusion within the reality mirroring each other, and sometimes shift spatial relationships to create irony situations. For example, an outdoor yellow line, done by an artist from an art movement in Germany, became the theme of a piece. Or, next to an enlarged replica, the actual door looked almost too tiny for people to pass through. In another piece, a photograph is combined with a reality so that a real landscape is seen in combination with the photograph.

Although my eyesight always has been good, I often play a mind game that I am a blind person who regains vision. This gives me energy – I feel rich with resources. By the methods of composing, emphasizing, or transforming in the process of art making, the work has boiled down to perceptual experiments with objects or mundane environments, for the purpose of making, not so much, the objects/environments visible but the ability to see “visible”. Via the work, I intend to explore perceptual issues (how we see) and relativity issues (how we think) which are, to me, indeed interesting and fundamental in studying human existence and behavior.